Safe-Way Residential Garage Doors

Safe-Way Residential Garage Doors have welcomed home families for over 50 years with unmatched quality and value. Safe-Way offers a large variety of residential garage doors in many styles and sizes to beautifully complement your home. Whether you choose wood, insulated or non-insulated steel, raised or flush panel, or carriage house style overhead garage doors, all come with heavy-duty performance hardware and superb craftsmanship to ensure years of trouble-free operation. Use the Door Designer to select the perfect combination to enhance the beauty and value of your home.


From the inside out, Safe-Way Garage Doors are a thing of beauty, starting with the heavy-duty construction of our doors, built to provide decades of worry free service for your home and family to the rugged good looks of the exteriors, Safe-Way Garage Doors are constructed in a variety styles and options to give you the ability to customize to suit your needs and taste.


At the heart of every Safe-Way Garage door is a structural system that is engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday use while keeping the weather where it is supposed to be – outside. Utilizing the best materials and engineering, Safe-Way Garage Doors are manufactured to exact standards and tolerances so that you know you can trust one of our doors on your house.


Safe-Way Garage Doors are a solid investment in the safety and security of your family and your home. Being the largest moveable surface on your home, our garage doors assume a huge responsibility in helping to shape the look and style of your home as well as a secure entry point for your home.


Because Safe-Way Garage Doors have to provide protection from the weather, security from unwanted animals and persons, and still be moveable, they have to be both built like a tank and lightweight in design. With over 60 years in the garage door business, we know how to build doors! Thermal breaks, backing plates, reinforced skins are just a few of the details that we have engineered into the construction of our doors.

Made in America

Our factory and cooperate offices are located in Warsaw, Indiana. We are not only located in the heartland of this great country, but we are owned and operated by people who are a reflection of the hard work and determination that has made our country great! Safe-Way Garage Doors are made right here on the fruited plains providing jobs and security for American workers who come from a wide variety of ethnicities and backgrounds.

Making a Statement

When you purchase a Safe-Way Garage Door, you are “Making a Statement” about your understanding of the importance a high-quality garage door makes when installed on the front of your home. It is a statement about beauty. It is a statement about security. It is a statement about quality and it is a statement about a solid investment in your home, your family and the future.