LiftMaster HCTDCU


The HCTDCU model, as manufactured by LiftMaster, is the ultimate high-traffic door and gate opener for apartment houses and low-profile applications. It is meeting the challenge of today’s high cycle applications by providing the ultimate in durability, quiet operation and security.


  • Trolley type door opener
  • Voltage/phase: 120 V / 230 V / Single phase
  • Horse power: DC motor, 24DC, 500mA, continuous-duty motor
  • Minimum extra headroom required: 4 inches (102 mm)
  • Security system: Security+ 2.0, technology that utilizes a tri-band signal
  • Battery Backup (7Ah): 2 batteries providing up to 112 cycles or up to 24 days.
  • Total length installed:
    • 8 ft rails: 121.5 inches
    • 10 ft: 145.5 inches
    • 12 ft: 169.5 inches

Specifically engineered to meet the needs of apartment houses, condominiums and low-clearance installations, the model HCTDCU delivers unsurpassed safety, dependability and quiet operation. In a class by itself, the HCTDCU is a heavy-duty, high-traffic operator designed with many exclusive features, including a Security+® receiver, built-in electronic reversing device, heavy-duty track and keyed trolley assembly.

The HCTDCU is designed for installation in even the tightest applications. At only 8 inches high, it’s up to 10 inches shorter than other overhead operators. In addition, it’s extremely quiet so as not to disturb tenants living directly above the garage. For added safety, the HCT includes a key release feature for instant access in case of power failure. And all components are fully enclosed to greatly reduce the risk of injury.


  • DC motor, C-mounted continuous cycle motor
  • Advanced control board
  • Electronic Reversing Device
  • Built-in radio receiver
  • Noise isolators
  • Trolley assembly and key release
  • Solid-state electronic motor drive system is incorporated into the control board.
  • Digital motor protection.
  • Travel time is adjusted by a precision mechanical device and electrical limit switch system.
  • Integrated loop detectors.
  • Board includes electronic power management with overcurrent shutdown and automatic recovery.
  • Instant reversing parking gate Leeson Motor.
  • Gear drive system lubricated in an oil bath.
  • C-mounted continuous cycle motor.
  • Smooth-gliding trolley
  • Heavy-duty rubber isolators help prevent noise and absorb vibration.
  • Adjustable timer can be set up to 180 seconds.
  • Homelink compatible.

UL-325 and CSA listed

5-year Warranty

Battery BackupSecurity+ 2.0MyQ



Security+ 2.0®


The HCTDCU is equipped with a Security+® rolling code receiver. With every activation, Security+® transmits a brand-new code, one of over 100-billion codes, never to be repeated.


Key Release


The HCTDCU includes a key release feature for instant access in case of power failure. And ail components are fully enclosed to greatly reduce the risk of injury.


Electronic Reversing Device (ERD)


Auto-reverse and safety alarm system comes standard. If the door or gate ever comes in contact with a vehicle while closing, it re-opens. If it contacts a vehicle while opening, it stops, reverses 4 to 6 inches and stops again.


Safety Alarm


If the door or gate hits an object twice while opening or closing, the system will shut down and the alarm will sound for five minutes. After five minutes, the system will automatically reset itself. To reset within the five-minute period, the manual reset button must be activated.


Garage doors and garage door openers can be dangerous if not installed and verified by a professional and not used properly. Children must be supervised by an adult when they are inside or in proximity of the garage door system.




Smooth start/stop and mid-travel reversal reduce stress on moving parts.



UL 325 Listed for both door and gate applications.



Our extensive 5-year warranty boosts customer confidence.

Battery Backup


Ensures that residents can always get in and out with up to 112 open/close cycles.




    • LiftMaster HCTDCU door opener


    • Advanced Control Panel


    • Receiver: included


    • Transmitters: in option


  • Rail according to door height (pre-assembled with door opener)

LiftMaster Elite SERIES

Optional accessories for the LiftMaster HCTDCU door opener :


Universal Single and 3-Button Remote Controls (811LM/813LM)

Ideal for applications requiring a large number of remote controls. Universal Single and 3-Button Remote Controls (811LM/813LM)

Mini 3-Button Remote Control 315MHz (370LM)

Are you always on the go? Our mini 3-button remote control is a miniature version of our 3-button remote control, and just as powerful. It can open and close 3 garage doors or gates, turn opener lights on/off, and/or turn on lights and small appliances in your home. And the best part is that it can fit almost anywhere – in your purse, your pocket, or even on your keychain.Get control on the go. Our mini 3-button remote control is small enough to fit in your purse, in your pocket, or on your keychain, and can operate 3 garage door openers or gates, or lights and small appliances. 890MAX

Single Entry Access Control Keypad and Proximity Reader (KPR2000)

A secure and vandal-resistant controller. This keypad and proximity card reader is simple to install and looks great. Single Entry Access Control Keypad and Proximity Reader (KPR2000)

Red/Green Traffic Light (RGL24LY)

Indicates gate or door position. Provides assurance of safe entering and exiting of the facility, reducing the potential for costly accidents. Red/Green Traffic Light (RGL24LY)

Garage Door Monitor (829LM)

Now you won’t have to go downstairs or outside to see if you accidentally left the garage door open. With the LiftMaster® Garage Door Monitor, you can check and close the garage door from any room in the house. Garage Door Monitor (829LM)

Omni Option Board with wall station

HCPCK1 : Option board for installation of wall station71-REDGRN-HCT : Option board for traffic lights

Sensing Edge (recommended)

Electric or pneumatic sensing device may be added to the bottom edge of the door or gate to quickly sense an obstruction and signal the operator to stop and reverse to open.
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